Future Shapers Consulting started with our founder, Isabelle’s mission to create contents that matter (hopefully shaping the future in the process).

Isabelle is a storyteller and explorer of life who had gone through transitions from the corporate world to the coffee industry before turning her passion in writing into this company.

As an undereducated and underqualified writer whom experience only consisted of personal blog writing, Isabelle managed to create good works and grow the business through referrals.

It all went well until one day when Isabelle realised that something was missing in her work – the passion for creation, her heart.

She took some time off to publish ‘The Art of Owning Your Story’, where she talked about her journey as a millennial going through life. In the process, she realised that everyone has a unique story and that’s what makes every person or business one of a kind.

That brings us to where we are today, a content writing company with a focus on STORIES that shape the future.

We believe that stories matter

Let’s be real, the skills we possess and the products or services we provide are not one-of-a-kind.

But, there is one thing we have that is truly unique and unreplicable – our STORIES.

Nobody can copy your purpose, passion, values, and translate that into their business.

Own your story today, because it is the most powerful tool you have.

Our Team

We are one of a kind and we love what we do


Isabelle Thye

Founder, Chief Writer

From starting her career in a Big 4 accounting firm, joining a start up coffee chain, founding a café consultancy company to selling it, Isabelle now contributes contents, writes books, collaborates with corporate organisation, start ups and individuals to create contents that touch people’s life.


Irwin Umban

Digital Marketing Specialist

Irwin is digital marketer and he has dedicated his life to achieving mastery in it. He has helped many previous startup and also one of his own to scale from zero to earning more than 120k in annual revenue within a year. He is a bit geeky and always seeking the best tools and technique to get high conversion for his various digital product launches.


Zhe Hui

Graphic Designer

As a meditator and coffee lover, Zhe Hui is a dreamer who turns his imagination into incredible images that wow us every time. With his rich experience working with start-up companies and businesses in branding and design, we count on him to create visual graphics that connect with people’s heart.

How can we help you?

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