It's time to write your book.

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What we do

Creating a book the traditional way is painful. The process is complicated and time-consuming.

It could be different now.

We’ve created a new process to turn your idea into a book, that only requires you to spend about 30 hours talking to us and takes about 7 months.

How it works

In short, we interview you.

Our method is based on a simple idea that everyone can talk about their stories but not everyone can or have time to write.

Our process is a new way to produce a book that is entirely your ideas, in your words, and even your voice—but much easier than doing it yourself.

The Process

Step 1: Positioning

We will discuss your book idea, goals and audience with you to help you position your book, so it will resonate with an audience and help you achieve your goals.

Step 2: Outlining

We will help you define your ideas and sharpen your thinking. They will make sure your idea works and becomes a tight, professional outline that lays the foundation for your book.

Step 3: Interview

We will use the outline as the guide to interview you and get all of your stories, knowledge and wisdom out of your head and onto a recording.

Step 4: Editing

We will turn the transcripts of your interviews into a beautifully written manuscript, that is completely your ideas, in your words, and even your voice.

Step 5: Publishing & Distribution

Our publishing team will design a professional book cover, lay the book out, and take care of all the other publishing details that make a professional book.

Step 6: Marketing

Our basic marketing campaign focuses around your book launch and events. We will also help you launch the book to your friends and community, by crafting your emails and launch strategy.

Our Promises

We know it’s hard to let someone write your book. It is your idea, your story, and your reputation on the line, after all.

We take that very seriously, which is why we make the following promises:
1. We won’t work with you unless we believe in your book idea.
2. Your book will have a path to ROI.
3. Your book will be professional.
4. Your book will be your Ideas, words and voice.
5. Your book will have a marketing plan.

What you'll get


  • Comprehensive interviews to get all your ideas out of your head
  • The content of your book drafted with your words, revised with  your changes and fully proofread

Published Book

  • A beautifully designed cover and interior layout (including up to 10 images) in both paperback and ebook formats
  • Full coordination of publishing details (ISBN, bio, book description)
  • Full rights ownership, including 100% of royalties

Distribution & Marketing

  • 500 copies of paperback books
  • A scheduled podcast interview on you and your book
  • Media press with content based on your interview
  • Book launch event

Add-ons and Extras

  • Audiobook
  • Multiple Authors
  • Illustrations and information graphics

RM 32 k

(RM 5K / month)

Let's talk about your book idea

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"Not sure if you have a book in you?"